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Voor het welzijn van paarden 


"The Power of Water"

Drinking water is also important as a carrier of information on vital power as stored in cellular atoms. Mechanical processings can disturb that information, but also restore it.
By nature the body is tuned to informative signals from “authentic” water. For that reason, the body can profit more from water that has been regenerated to “natural” water than with “industrialised” water.


  • Natural, subterraneous water does not become stale and does not go off. Water from waterworks does! There must be a cause for that.
  • Crops and other vegetation (grass) thrive better and richer on vitalised water, as tests show.
  • A common cause of laminitis is too much fructane in the grass (and hay) in growing breaks (at too little water and/or too little nutrients with drought and with frost).
  • Research at London South Bank University shows beyond doubt: 
    “There is clearly much structural information hidden in the vibrational spectra of water, if only it can be unambiguously interpreted”
  • The quality of surface water as drinking water for horses is not controlled continuously enough.
    Horses have an instinctive feeling for the quality of drinking water; as the water is less fresh, the horse drinks less or not at all.

The Belebro Way:Aardbei

Belebro advizes vitalised drinking water for horses. We are so much convinced of the benefits, that also our personal water supply runs by the vitalising system for our horses.


  • Better taste, stimulates drinking.
  • Peps up: notably more energy.
  • With less volume already more yield
    (crop growth, but plausibly also better neuro transmission)