Belebro Hoofgel


Bad hoofs and bad working hoof mechanisms lead to all kinds of problems in other parts of the horse's body. In most cases hoof problems result from restricting the hoof mechanism to function properly.


To maintain good hooves and to promote sustainable recovery of (very) bad hooves, we lay the foundation with preventive and, where appropriate, therapeutic use of the hoof gel we have developed ourselves (Belebro Hoofgel©). You eliminate notoriously unwanted (nutrients) substances from the menu and you work with a specific, adequate feeding and exercise regime for each individual horse. 

A well-perfused hoof and a tough, elastic hoof wall are optimally resistant to, for example, crumbling hooves, hoof wall tears and laminitis (loose hoof wall/tilted coffin bone).

Voorkoming van hieronder afgebeeld leed, maar zonodig herstel door bevordering van natuurlijk groei. 


Loose hoof wall/ White line disease

After 81 days

Outgrowth loose hoof wall

After 164 days

Natural recovery, heallthy hoof!