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Belebro Safeguard+ Hurdles

The Belebro horse exerciser has always been known as the safest exerciser in the world, but the safety was still greatly enhanced by the invention of the Safeguard hurdles in 1996 and again by the Safeguard Plus hurdles in 2015.

Belebro Safeguard+ Hurdles

The hurdles that demarcate the compartments are essential for the safety of the horses. Wrong hurdles can be fatal for the horses. Only a safeguard hurdle can guarantee that the horses will not injure themselves with the unique, flexible hurdle bars. The horses cannot raise these hurdles (and thus get in the neck when coming down) and they cannot get stuck in them with a horseshoe, halter or blanket, as with mesh mats. Also, they cannot damage themselves on bent rods, as with metal rods. The Safeguard+ hurdle also mean a considerable extension of the lifespan of the motor and drive. A special version is available for stallions that provides extra separation without additional load on the horse exerciser due to weight or twisting wind.


  • fully flexible plastic rods
  • current conductive
  • no risk of being hit by a floating hurdle that has been kicked up or back
  • no risk that horses will get caught in the hurdle with their horse shoes, as with metal mesh
  • no risk of injury to horses due to damaged partition hurdle
  • no risk of injury from point loads, as with rigid bars
  • no risk of skewer wounds, as with metal or other plastic rods
  • no panic due to horses hitting the drift gates (noiseless and unsatisfactory for the horses)


By far the most economical; Safeguard hurdles last longer than any other gate and if a bar becomes damaged, you can replace it yourself in no time. Light weight of Safeguard hurdles means less energy consumption and less wear on the drive. Saves the entire exerciser because the force of a blow does not affect the construction and drive.

Your interest
The highest safety for the horses and a much lower load on the construction, motor and drive, so a longer lifespan.


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