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Vibration plates

Volledige lichaamsvibratie, whole body vibration.

What do astronautics, speed skating and equestrian sport have in common?

Vibration training!
The Russians developed it for maintaining the strenght of bones and muscles of their cosmonauts in space stations , the trainer/coach of the Dutch Olympic speed skaters in Calgary used it for training (what still is done) and we practice it for training en rehabilition of horses. 

Since 2005 we have been developing knowledge and experience in vibration training and therapy for horses. We put it in the world, so to say. 

An invention that takes your horse ten steps forward in one step!

The vibration floor is a further development of a training device for astronauts that should stimulate the development of bone density and muscle mass. With the 'powerplate', this method has now found worldwide acceptance for general fitness improvement and fat burning. The results have been researched at several European and American universities.

"These signals have ability to prevent osteoporosis and promote bone formation without drugs"

Dr. C. Rubin, State University of New York, about vibration training/therapy (IOF World Congress 2006, Toronto/Canada)

The vibration floor is the only way to give a horse both versatile physical training and massage in one fell swoop. The result is a remarkable improvement in blood circulation, especially in the legs and organs. It is remarkable that even in horses with absolute box rest no colic occurred.

Since becoming commercially available in 2005, vibration floors have been used in stables to raise horses to their top-form and to assist in the recovery from acute or chronic problems. In all cases the process passed off notably faster, better and more successful than usual.


  • Vibration training stimulates the entire blood circulation.
  • Vibration training demands energy and burns fat.
  • Vibration training is the only treatment with a documented effect for osteoporosis (brittle bones).
  • Increase of bone density by up to 20% (humane study).
  • Vibration training raises production of testosterone (effect on fertility and gestation not examined).
  • Muscle power increases already extraordinarily at 10 minutes per day during 10 days.
  • Horses trained on the vibration floor can accelerate faster from standstill and develop a more springy step; with trotters, a vibration floor tributes to greater trot-stability.
  • Limberness and flexibility increase.
  • Tests show a positive tribute from that in warming up, as well as less energy consumption to get in trot.
  • The Vibration floor benefits and shortens recovery processes. Even horses with absolute box rest did not experience colic (although colic should be consulted by the vet).


  • Shorter training duration and less man hours for training of power, greater manoeuvrability and stamina.
  • Less risk for muscle-, tendon- and bone rip and fracture.

Competitive advantage of greater acceleration power and versatility with less energy consumption.

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