Tools / Belebro products!

At Belebro we use targeted tools. The aids to which we refer are marketed by people who understand horses and the technology, materials and raw materials involved. Which products have been developed by ourselves or on our initiative, is stated with those products. 

Belebro Hoofgel

In the 1990s, exerciser floors were often mistakenly seen as a source of hoof disorders. We paid a lot of attention to this and tended to conclude that the problem was not so much in the soils as in the poor quality of the hooves (as a result of inadequate nutrition and exercise). To make hooves more resistant to physical stress and bacterial attack, we therefore looked for effective, local administration of adequate nutrients. To this end, the Belebro Hoof Gel has been developed (and patented on the basis of novelty).

Invented by us in 1999, further developed and marketed ever since.

Step Mills & Exercise Mills

Piërre Bens, an international show jumping rider at the time, needed a facility to give his horses plenty of exercise. Moreover, this movement had to be varied, stress-free and above all safe. His father Gerrit Bens, founder of Belebro, invented the training mill for him (1987). In it, horses can walk, turn and switch gaits untethered. The training mill marked a revolutionary improvement in horse management and has become an integral part of modern horsekeeping

The safety of a training mill for horses is largely determined by the design and construction of the fence, floor and any covering.

Invented by us in 1987 and further developed ever since.
Is marketed by Equivorm B.V.

Belebro Safeguard+ Float gates

The Belebro exerciser has always been regarded as the safest exerciser, but that safety was significantly increased by the invention of the Safeguard fences (1996) and then the Safeguard Plus drift fences (2015).

Door ons uitgevonden in 1996 en sindsdien doorontwikkeld.
Wordt op de markt gebracht door Equivorm

Vibration floor & Vibration plates

What do space travel, skating and equestrian sports have in common?

Vibration training!
The Russians developed it to keep the bones and muscles of their cosmonauts on space stations strong, the trainer/coach of the Dutch Olympic skaters in Calgary used it for training (which still happens) and we use it for training and rehabilitation of horses. 

We have been building up knowledge and experience with vibration training and therapy for horses since 2005. We put it into the world, so to speak. 

Since 2005 involved in the development of “whole body vibration” technology.

Marketed by Equivorm B.V


We guide horse owners who use food as an instrument to keep their horses healthy. In order to be able to assess whether the food is good for horses, it is important to know how the food is produced and stored. We are advocates of food that is produced and consumed as closely as possible to the natural biological processes of growth, nutrition and metabolism: a natural dish food policy


Ontwikkeling Nanopa Gel

In collaboration with Dr. Timurhan Tastutar, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Nanotherapy Specialist, and Dr. Hussein Abdillahi, veterinarian and specialist in microbiology, we are working on a new gel. We have combined experiences that we have gained with nano-therapy with the knowledge of Belebro the hoof gel. 

End goal

ligaments and tendons with high natural resilience, resistance and recovery capacity.

Horse owners who would like to help develop this new gel by making horses available for testing can contact Pierre Bens.