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Adjoining products / Belebro products!

In The Belebro Way we use purposeful resources. The resouces we suggest, are marketed by people who know about horses and mattering technology, materials and ingredients. The products that were developed or initated by us, are indicated as such. 

Belebro Hoofgel

Om hoeven beter bestand te maken tegen fysieke belasting en bacteriële aantasting, ontwikkelde we de Belebro Hoefgel (gepatenteerd in 1999) voor effectieve, locale toediening van adequate voedingsstoffen. 

Invented by us in 1999, further developed and marketed ever since.

Belebro Tendon Gel

Ter verbetering van condities voor preventie en herstel van peesaandoeningen.

Door ons ontwikkeld en sinds 2022 door ons op de markt gebracht via dierenartsen.

Belebro Horsewalkers & Horse-exercisers

Piërre Bens, at the time an international showjumper, had the need for a provision to give a lot of movementhis to his horses. Moreover, they had to move alternately, stress free and above all safe. His father Gerrit Bens, founder of Belebro, invented the free walk horse exerciser in 1987 as it still is today. In there horse can move untethered, change gait and direction. The horse exerciser was a revolutionairy improvement in horse management and became indispensable in the modern horse industry!

The safety of the horse exerciser is highly determined by the way the fence, footing and roof are designed and build.

Invented by us in 1987 and further developed ever since.
Is marketed by Equivorm B.V.

Belebro Safeguard+ Hurdles

The Belebro horse exerciser has always been known as the safest exerciser in the world, but the safety was still greatly enhanced by the invention of the Safeguard hurdles in 1996 and again by the Safeguard Plus hurdles in 2015.

Invented by us in 1999, further developed and marketed ever since.
Marketed by Equivorm B.V

Vibration floor & Vibration plates

What do astronautics, speed skating and equestrian sport have in common?

Vibration training!
The Russians developed it for maintaining the strenght of bones and muscles of their cosmonauts in space stations , the trainer/coach of the Dutch Olympic speed skaters in Calgary used it for training (what still is done) and we practice it for training en rehabilition of horses. 

Since 2005 we have been developing knowledge and experience in vibration training and therapy for horses. We put it in the world, so to say. 

Since 2005 involved in the development of “whole body vibration” technology.

Marketed by Equivorm B.V


We assist horse owners who use nutrition as a tool to keep their horses healthy. To assess whether the food is good for the horse(s), it's important to know how the food is produced and stored. We advocate food that is produced and consumed in the closest possible alignment with the natural biological processes of growth, metabolism and nutrition: a feeding policy that matches nature.

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