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The Belebro Way

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Fluid deficiency is the first trigger for many ailments. Drinking (and urinating) enough is of fundamental importance for health and resistance!


The horse's energy is determined by its diet, its needed by its metabolism and work, its utilization by physical processes. Energy is needed to perform, but first and foremost to stay alive, as healthy and fit as possible. And excess hurts!


For horses, movement is a condition of existence, which in terms of necessity comes immediately after breathing. The whole “design” of a horse, its natural habitat and its natural foods are aimed at keeping it running!


The load distribution and pressure exerted by the rider are often at odds with what the rider wants the horse to do. Such miscommunication are confusing for the horse, causing stress and making the horse tense!


Many muscle and tendon injuries, and especially cartilage defects, are the result of everyday training and are the most common causes of failure or an early end to the horse's career!

Hoof care

Bad hoofs and bad working hoof mechanisms lead to all kinds of problems in other parts of the horse's body.
No foot no horse!


Repetitive movement on a perfect flat ground spoils the muscles and tendons making them no match for the impact of other terrain and sudden and abrupt movements. In addition, some common materials can be harmful to, for example, airways, joints, tendons and ligaments!


Stabling horses together in an open environment reduces frustration and stress and makes a significant contribution to the prevention of mental and physical problems!

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