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Belebro Hoofgel

(6 customer reviews)


voor hoefverzorging

Tegen aantasting van huid en hoef door exogene ziektekiemen en smetstoffen.
care product; no known side effects.
For use in horses only.

Contains: Beta-carotene, biotin, dimethicone, glucosamine, glucose syrup, potassium orthophosphate, lactose, bay leaf, lysine, methionine, sodium polyphosphate and zinc.

Bevat geen door de FEI, Jockey Club en WADA als doping aangemerkte stoffen.

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Belebro gel

Growth and quality deficiency of horn, cartilage and connective tissue, including loose wall, crumbling hooves and hoof cracks.

End goal

Hoofs with high natural resilience, resistance and recovery capacity.


Promoting blood circulation and nutrition of the leg. Increase of resistance and resilience and recovery capacity.

Dimensions 18 × 13 × 12 cm

450 gram per pot


Goed doorroeren voor gebruik.
Kroonrandharen kort afscheren. 1x per week aanbrengen met een stugge borstel de hoefgel inmasseren op de huid boven de kroonranden de hoefballen. Niet aanbrengen op open wonden.

6 reviews for Belebro Hoefgel

  1. Karin maasen

    Hello, by using the belebro hoof gel, the hooves have improved enormously in a healthy way, pony was laminitis and became healthier by using the gel, very nice and thank you very much.
    A must for every horse owner!

  2. Thijs Hoefs

    As a farrier I know Belebro hoof gel for years, I have seen things / solved problems that are hard to believe with words alone. In my opinion the only thing that really works!!

  3. Nancy Torn

    My horse had cancer on 4 feet. Thanks to Belebro Hoofgel, the healing process after the treatment is excellent. I was skeptical but I am convinced and super happy. Highly recommended! With every hoof problem.

  4. NANCY

    My horse has had ray cancer on all 4 of the feet and this gel helps to restore the horn edge and the condition of the hoof, the feet are stronger and the gel is easy to apply which helps a lot with the care of the hooves.

    Your new site is also very nicely and clearly explained about the health and well-being of horses!

  5. Lizanne

    Great product. Also following the farrier's recommendation after my horse had surgery on his hoof.
    Much faster recovery and fast hoof growth. Definitely recommend!!!

  6. Adri de Groot

    I have many years of experience with this product and have helped many horses out of their problems, and of course the owners who had no way out at that time. It is also a product that I highly recommend for preventive maintenance if necessary. I have no financial interest in promoting this product myself, but if you are a farrier, an animal doctor, a therapist, or if you own a quadruped as a hobby or in top sport, it is a must to know what Belebro can do for your animal, especially when you can no longer see any light on the horizon. This is the reason why I react to Belebro's message, to be able to contribute to the well-being (health) of our four-legged friends, I feel obliged to share my experience here. Because I have a lot of experience with this product, contact Belebro to know what this product will do for your animal. And to get an appropriate advice.

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