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Our principle: the power is in the roughage!

Roughage is the bulk of the feed our horses are fed, but it is scooped up with no awareness of variety and quality. If you don't know the composition of your hay, you don't know what's in it and therefore you don't know what you're giving. Good hay is a requirement for good intestinal flora and therefore good digestion and intestinal function. If it is not good, it manifests itself in many complaints in all kinds of areas, while the cause remains out of the picture.

Symptoms such as tummy tuck, manure water when fertelizing, diarrhea, but also behavioral changes such as bucking, biting, trouble and resistance are often the result of incorrect nutrition.

To illustrate what proper nutrition can do:

(The photos below are of a horse that had dung water, shows a tucked up belly, is poorly muscled, and bucked and slammed frequently during a show jumping competition). 

At the start

After 5 weeks

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